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By Arnaud Doucerain, on November 15, 2016
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You read news feeds and blogs everyday, and you would like their articles to be automatically added to you elCurator To Read section? Maybe you’re already using RSS feeds and maybe you want some of them to appear in your crew? It is now possible to do so thanks to our Zapier integration!

You can also try any other integration (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), helping you with what’s written below. Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!

What’s a RSS feed anyway?

Vous lisez des articles sur de nombreux site web, et il serait complexe de savoir quand un nouveau contenu est disponible sans les flux RSS.

You read articles on a whole lot of websites, and it would be hard to know when a new content is published if RSS feeds wasn’t created. Feeds are merely a communication standard, following a specific norm to indicate when a new content is added on a specific website, sort of an old version of Twitter accounts or Facebook pages. RSS feeds are convenient when you want to be warned of your favorites sites last articles.

RSS feed icon It is sometimes hard to find the address (URL) of a website RSS feed. It is usually indicated by an icon of this kind. Some sites even don’t indicate it at all!

RSS link of elCurator blog A propos, you can find the link for our blog RSS feed on the top right hand corner of home page. If you click on it, you may not understand what it is written, and that’s normal! What’s important is that Zapier and other services understand this language. You just have for now to copy this page address from your browser navigation bar, which is:

Add a RSS feed in To Read section

First, you have to create an account on Zapier, with a name, an email address and a password.

Once done, you can click on this invitation link for elCurator application then click on “Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard” button. This will grant you access to elCurator app on Zapier.

Zapier allows you to create automatic tasks which are run every 15 minutes, called "Zaps". (Zapier is a free service up to 5 Zaps created.)

Therefore, to link a RSS feed to elCurator, you'll need to create a Zap. You can click on the orange "MAKE A ZAP!" button at the top. You enter Zap creation interface. You can easily recognize it by its left menu indicating the step you’re currently editing.

Step 1 - Trigger : RSS feed

You are asked to choose the application triggering the Zap. In our example, we are looking for a RSS feed service. In “Choose a Trigger App” form, search for “RSS by Zapier”. Once you find this application, click on “Save+Continue”.

You are asked to fill a form about the RSS feed you want to link. Address (URL) is the only mandatory field here. In the following picture I indicate elCurator blog RSS URL, but you can add any URL you want. (You want to add several RSS feeds ? You have to create one Zap per feed.)

The field “What Triggers a New Feed Item?”, can be set to “Different Guid/URL (recommended)” or “smart”.

After clicking on “Continue”, Zapier tells you it wants to test your RSS feed, to validates it is OK and contains an item. Click on “Fetch & Continue”. If everything is OK, it should indicate “Test Successful!” and you can click again on “Continue”. Else, check if RSS feed address (URL) you gave is correct, then test again.

Step 2 - Action : elCurator To Read section

It is now time to select the application which has to perform an action. In our example, we want it to be elCurator To Read section. In “Choose an Action App” search for “elCurator”. Once you selected elCurator app, you can choose between personal content (“Save Content (To Read or Favorites)”) and shared content (“Share Content (Crew or World)”). Choose the first one then click on “Save+Continue”.

You have to grant Zapier access to your elCurator account, in order for it to perform action in your name (such as adding an article in To Read section). Click on “Connect a New Account”. You will be redirected towards elCurator which is asking you if you want to authorize Zapier to access your account. Accept it (you can remove access any time if needed) and you will be redirected back to Zapier. You can click on “Save+Continue”.

You can now see “Set up elCurator Saved Content” form. First, you have to give the address (URL) of the content you want to save in elCurator. Click on the icon on the right and you will see a dropdown list. Choose “Link”, to connect RSS feed link (the link of the new article) with elCurator new content.

For each new To Read content, you can add notes (such as article author, for example), and tags (such as “Zapier” tag, for example).

Once you have filled this form, click on “Continue”.

Zapier performs a last test by creating the first elCurator thanks to this Zap! If everything works as planned, a “Test Successful!” message appears ; else you may have to correct something in the previous form. Then, click on “Finish”.

You can now give a name to your Zap, such as “RSS to elCurator To Read”, in order not to be lost after you create other Zaps.

The very last part is to switch on your Zap! Click on “Your Zap is off” and “Your Zap is on” appears : it works!


Note that if you want your content to appear in a crew instead of your To Read section, you have to start again step 2, and choose “Share Content (Crew or World)” instead of “Save Content (To Read or Favorites)”.

Don’t hesitate to contact us (by clicking on the circle on the bottom right hand corner of the page) if you have a question or if you are stuck in a specific step. :)

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