Customize elCurator with Zapier integration!

By Arnaud Doucerain, on November 08, 2016
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We have recently unveiled an open API for developers (you have to be signed in to access this page), allowing anyone to create integrations with elCurator.

However, for those who want a simpler system, we have set up a a Zapier app allowing you to link elCurator with a whole lot of web services.

This way, you are just a few clicks from linking elCurator with Facebook, Twitter, Feedly, Slack, Wordpress or even Buffer… Zapier allows you to create automatic tasks which are run every 15 minutes. (It is a free service up to 5 Zaps created.)

Here is a list of what you could do with it:

  • Find all your favorite blog articles in your elCurator crew, or in your To Read section thanks to RSS feeds
  • Read contents of your RSS aggregator (Feedly) on elCurator
  • Saving a content to elCurator by sending its link (URL) by email
  • Receiving an email each time a content is shared with a specific tag, or from a specific user
  • Posting new content of an elCurator crew on a Facebook page
  • Saving links shared on Slack on a specific elCurator collection
  • Posting a new Wordpress article on elCurator
  • Tweeting an elCurator content with “tweet” as a tag
  • Saving on elCurator all tweets you like with a specific hashtag

You can create an account on Zapier right now to use our Zapier application and create one of the above integrations. You can also imagine and create unique integrations. :)

However, if you want to follow a step by step tutorial, we will explain in another article how to automatically find your favorite sites articles in elCurator.

If you are stuck at some stage or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (by clicking on the circle on the bottom right hand corner of the page)!

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About the author

Arnaud Doucerain is web developer at elCurator.