elCurator now with full Slack integration!

By Arnaud Doucerain, on July 25, 2016
2 min

At elCurator, we love to use enterprise chat service Slack, that's why we dedided to develop a complete integration with it on elCurator.

If you are a crew admin, you can now connect elCurator to a dedicated Slack channel in order to be warned of the last contents shared in this crew.

RSS integration already allowed you to have title, image and description. Slack integration adds the following information:

  • Name of the coworker who shared the content
  • Collection and tags
  • Reading time
  • Direct link to save the content for later

To set this integration up, go on Integrations page of your crew's administration.

Click on the green button "Add Slack Integration". A window pops up.

You can choose one of the following notification types:

  • Receive a Slack notification each time a new content is shared in your crew.
  • Receive a Slack notification each time a new content is shared in a specific collection in your crew. If you choose this option, the Collection list below will allow you to indicate which collection you want.
  • Receive a Slack notification each time a comment is published on a content in your crew.
  • Receive a Slack notification once a week, on mondays, with 5 must read contents of last week.

Once you made this choice, you will be redirected on Slack website in order to authorize elCurator to send notifications in one of your Slack channels.

Finally, your new integration shows up in a table on Integration page and a Slack notification confirms everything is okay.

With Slack instant messaging strength and elCurator content curation power, you'll always be aware of the very last topics!

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About the author

Arnaud Doucerain is web developer at elCurator.