Google acquires and closes Kifi: don’t loose all your content, import it in elCurator!

By Valentin Perez, on July 15, 2016
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Google has just bought a promising startup: Kifi, an app dedicated to saving, sharing and chatting about contents imported from anywhere on the internet.

This acquisition will lead to Kifi’s shutdown in just a few weeks : its team will be joining Google in order to strengthen the one already working on Mountain View’s new link sharing tool: Google Spaces.

Kifi has declared that it will not be possible to transfer Kifi’s links on Spaces platform: all data previously stored and shared by Kifi users will be lost...

Since 2012, Kifi was developping a website, along with extensions, allowing users to both collect and search for links, while additionally recommending new links on similar topics.

If you don’t want to lose all the data you stored and shared on Kifi, you still can import them for free on elCurator sending us an email at : 

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