Your data's privacy is a top priority for us.

By Christopher Parola, on November 18, 2014
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In our privacy policies, you will find all the information you need concerning the security of your data, but if we had to summarize it for you we would say that : data shared by you and your collaborators belong to you.

elCurator is divided into 3 different entities: you, your crew, and elCurator Team. Here are the interaction possible:

  • You and the administrators of your organization: your administrators and your crew, can have access to the data that your share to your crew so that they can guess what are your interests. Data that you share on the platform have the same rules of intellectual property than in you own company.

  • Data of your organization and elCurator: elCurator team will only use your data to help you (only our crew can have access to them), or for statistical purposes to improve our service. Your data will never be analyzed for business purposes.

  • You and elCurator:  if you require support, elCurator team can exceptionally access to your data (shared articles, settings activated or not) to help you better.

In practice :

  • When you share a comment or an article to your crew, your entire crew have access to them.

  • When you share a comment or an article to “The world”, all elCurator users, even other crews, have access to them.

  • You can suppress a shared article, a vote or a comment anytime.

In summary, your data belong to you, we won’t sell them, and if you want to leave our service, En résumé, les données vous appartiennent, nous ne les vendrons pas, et si vous souhaitez quitter notre service, we promise you to give them back to you (CSV/JSON format).

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About the author
Christopher Parola is the product manager and the co-founder of elCurator.