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By Christopher Parola, on October 20, 2014
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Why did we create this blog?

Creating this blog was not an obvious choice for us. We have been able to grow elCurator and exceed 500 organizations registered on the platform, with oral communication, attending quite a few meetups, and trough slideshare presentations.

During all this time, we forged our vision of content curation and creating a web product, from a technical and methodological point of view.

It is now time to give them to you, and we would to have your feedbacks on that!

Why did we create this team?

This project was born on a simple observation: when companies grow, it becomes very difficult for them to manage their corporate intelligence and to share content through emails. We realized that inside our company, OCTO Technology, and we wanted to offer our collaborators a different way to share content.

After our first successful tests, we knew that companies had the possibility to work better,  to be more engaging and to improve their innovation by sharing content differently!

We decided to embark on this adventure and to propose another way to use curation, not as a SEO vector, but as a gain for all the employees.

What do we want to tell you?

We want to share our vision of curation, what are the lastest updates on our product, and how do we make it. We also want to talk to you about Lean Startup, Lean UX, Traction, Curation, Software Craftsmanship: these are rich topics and we want to give you the keys of our realizations. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us on Twitter, through our blog, via uservoice, by email... We enjoy discussing with you!

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About the author
Christopher Parola is the product manager and the co-founder of elCurator.